I have come that they may have life in all its fullness:  John 10:10

We welcome and include adults of all ages and ability into our diverse and inclusive church.  Everyone has a different life story, and we support one another as we grow in faith and develop as people, in good times and in bad. 

We take particular care of our elders, who share their wisdom, experience and time with us generously.  We encourage friendships across ages, which benefits everyone in lots of ways.

If you have additional needs or would like particular information about our events or services please get in touch and we will be happy to try and support you.

We offer prayers for healing at the following times:

  • First Wednesday of the month after 10am communion service
  • First Sunday of the month after 9.30am communion service
  • Third Sunday of the month during 8am communion service

Where necessary we liaise with our chaplain colleagues at nearby hospitals, and seek to maintain contact or visit when a church member is in hospital.

Communion at home – in some cases we are able to bring communion to someone at home, when they are unable to attend services.  This may be short term, for example, after an operation, or it may be long term when someone becomes housebound.

Senior Satellites – We support our elderly housebound congregation by visiting and also sending Christmas, Easter and birthday cards.  We seek to work with next of kin to support individuals as they move towards the end of life.

End of life – where possible on the invitation of family, the vicar visits home, hospital or hospice to help someone prepare to die.  This is a special moment, and can bring huge peace to the individual and relatives.